Almennar upplýsingar

  • Gistiheimilið Skálafell er opið allt árið.

  • Innritun frá 15:00 - 22:00 || Brottför 07:30 - 11:00.

  • Gestir sem koma síðar en klukkan 18:00 eru vinsamlegast beðnir um að hafa samband við gistiheimilið fyrirfram.

  • Morgunverður er borinn fram frá 08:00 - 10:00

  • Greiðslur með reiðufé og/eða algengustu greiðslukortum samþykkt.

  • Ókeypis þráðlaust net í öllum herbergjum og sameign.

  • Þegar 8 eða fleiri eru að ferðast saman gætu mismunandi verð átt við. Vinsamlegast hafðu samband við gistiheimilið til að fá frekari upplýsingar.

Frequently asked questions

When is check-in time? What about late arrival?

Our reception is open for check-in from 15:00 - 22:00. For late check-in please contact us in advance and we'll make some arrangements for you. We always make sure our guests can check-in, whenever they are arriving.

Do I pay with cash or card?

We do accept all majore credit cards - VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Maestro etc. We also accept payments with cash - ISK, EUR, USD.

Can I see northern lights from your property?

If the forecast of seeing Northern Lights in the area is good you will most likely be able to seem them right from our property and even your room. We are located in rural area on a farm so there is no light pollution around us. However sometimes the forecast might be better maybe 20-30 minutes drive from our property then we recommend to do that.

Do I have to rent a 4wd car to access your guesthouse?

No you don't need to drive a 4wd car to get to our guesthouse. We are located right next to road no. 1. Road no. 1 is paved all around Iceland (except for few kilometers) and easilly accessible on all kind of cars. However if you are travelling over the winter time, we do always recommend our guests to rent a 4wd car if they have the chance. In that case you are much better prepared when it comes to tricky driving conditions and weather.

Is there a shared kitchen to use?

No, we don't have a shared kitchen to use. Because we serve breakfast in the mornings and dinner in the evenings we are not authorized to let our guests use the kitchen aswell. However if you have some simple things we can heat up for you in microwave we are more than welcome to help you out with that.

Is it possible to put an extra bed inside your rooms?

Yes, on request we can put an extra bed inside the rooms for an additional price. Just note that all such requests need to be confirmed from us before arrival.

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